When it comes to generating sales and leads in your business there is one big fat generic rule."If you want to get your problems solved you have to solved the problems of others."

So no matter what you’re selling you have to identify the benefit that makes it stand out from the rest of the products similar to yours.

Two Direct Downlines


This concept right here had me tripping for so long. I really didn’t understand it the concept was so foreign to me. All I could think about was myself and how I was going to line my pockets not realizing the lining my pocket had to do with an exchange of value.

I came from a construction background I never sold anything to anyone ever.

So really understanding the psychology behind a sale was something that had to slowly creep in between my two ears and this just so happens to be the first step.

1. Identify a problem my target market has

My target market had a problem getting leads and sales on social media. They are pretty much sick of the traditional strategies and want change in their life

2. Offer a solution on social media

It doesn’t matter what social media platform you use. If you word your offer right they will be interested and they’re going to want to learn more. The better you get at writing the  more eyes you will attract to your content. If you want to learn some the basic copywriting skills Click Here

3. Build rapport(most important part)

Rapport the easy way! I bring them to my home online. Once I offered to solve a problem they enter their email in my capture page. Then they are immediately directed my home online(my blog) where I had a video of me breaking down the benefits of my product and how they could use it in to make their life easier. All while introducing myself and getting them to know like and trust me.

4. Connect with them on social media

Again it doesn’t matter what platform you use just connect with your leads on social media. Once they’ve left your home online this part become easy because the rapport is built.

A lot of the time they’re just going to want to know if you’re the real deal and not some fly by night internet peddler. The other day I had a lady who acted like she never seen any of my videos after having a quick facebook chat I realized that she was a big fan and she was just testing me to see if I would pitch her some other deal.


Instead of me having to meet up and sit down with someone, explain the plan whether one on one or in a group setting. I was able to bring them to my blog(home online) and leverage a video that I shot once and now I use it over and over that is true power of using the internet to build your business.

Here's the kicker though 90% of this process happened on autopilot. That means that I have systems in the background driving my leads to my blog and my blog is doing all the selling and telling and for me while I go have fun Christmas shopping.

18 Leads On A Sunday Before Lunch

And that is 4 steps I put into place in order to get two sales in two days without seeing or talking to anybody. 

This is the exact reason why if you want to add some automation in your life you need to get your hands on a blog but not just any blog this blog right here because it come along with my training where I’m going to teach you exactly how to set this whole thing up so you can get similar results in no time.

Imagine going to work all day and having systems working for you in the background. All you had to do is answer a few questions on social media when you got home or on your phone and you were getting sales now that is what I call being in two places at the same time

SO CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BLOG SETUP  for only $25 and start growing your current Network Marketing or Direct Sales company.

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I hope you got some value out of this post and you can start implementing it in your business today

Talk Soon,


Lincoln Campbell

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How To Get Free Instagram Followers Fast

So right now you have a lack of followers, you’re following everybody but nobody is following back and you can’t understand why buddy over there has 3000 followers and you have 50.

Well first off how to get free followers on instagram fast is not a science. That is what makes it such a golden platform, you can have tons followers and you don’t have to pay a dime.

That why it’s important to learn the techniques involved with Instagram you can really start to make noise in your niche if you know what you are doing.

To be quite honest there are few things that you could be doing to get more free followers on Instagram.



How To Get Free Instagram Followers Fast


But before I reveal to you how to get free Instagram followers fast I want you to think about the first thing you see when someone likes your picture or even follows you.


What do you see?

That’s right, their username and if the username is cool or it attracts you eye what do you do? Go check their profile, right?

So there you have it, that’s the secret right there the “username”

It’s all about username attraction because like I said already that is what is going to attract someone to your profile.

Figure this out and getting followers is easy.


Just base your name on the current niche you’re in.


Example so if you’re in the weight loss niche, your username could be

Lose_20lbs_in30_with_ Mel




Anyone in the health an wellness niche is going to be immediately attracted to that username. You can be that be that leader that brings them into your fold. There you have it the first step for attracting.


Once you figured out your username now all you need to do is find people in your niche follow them first and like their picture and once they see your username pop up they will go to your profile like your pictures and follow start to follow you too.


Simple stuff?


How To Get Free Instagram Followers Fast


What I just shared with you was just the tip of the ice berg just a little something On how to get free instagram followers fast. There are actually a bunch of different ways you can start getting more followers today.


The guessing game is over. You don’t have to ask yourself how do I get more followers on Instagram for free because I just gave you the first hint.

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My vision is to help you get results with online marketing strategies so you can start getting more leads, more sales in your business and start living your dream instead of dreaming about your dream.

Now you no longer have to wonder…

  • How do I use google to get more leads?
  • How do I get more leads from Youtube?
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Every one of those questions will be answered when you become a member of the Top 1% Tribe Viral Blogging Community of online marketing dynamos


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First off this has to deal with understanding your target market and finding a group of people to sell to.

When you sell to everyone, you sell to no one. There are a lot of people who don’t want what you have to sell! They’re not in your target market.  If you’re trying to sell to everybody it will be a painfully long journey full of reject and self doubt

Click here to use the best strategy online to attract your target market


Who’s close to buying and how can you find them?

It requires research and thinking!


Why are people joining this kind of business?

People usually joining to make more money to do something specific. If you can find that out that is your ticket signing somebody up.

Most people can double their income with just a few thousand a month so the business is very attractive to them.

They will join if they believe they can do what you’re telling them to do. They see what you’re doing and say they can do that themselves


Where are they buying from?

Home meetings,the internet (online events),one on one sponsoring and email marketing.


What do they really want?

It really only come down to a few things people want a career change but nobody really wakes up in the morning and says I want to change my career. They look at their bills, life and say I need more money. I don’t have any money for retirement, I can’t pay my child’s college tuition

Who are they?

They usually between the age of 25-35. After 35 people’s dreams start to die off and they stop listen to other people so they’re not as open to mentoring. Usually they’re married because married people have more of a sense of responsibility, they’re making under $70,000 a year.


What are their problems (do you know the solutions)?

This is what our industry is based on solving problems of our target market. There is two parts to it The Present State and The Desired State.

What are the problems of your target market?

Present State

  • Frustrated with life
  • Not enough money to do the things they want
  • Can’t spend time with family
  • Have goals and dreams they want to accomplish

Desired State

  • Financially free
  • Spend as much time with their family as they want
  • Ability to give their family the best life possible
  • Achieving their goals and dreams

Click here to learn how to solve people’s problems and attract the perfect customer


What are the problems that other Network Marketers have?

Network marketers have a Present State and A Desired State as well and if you can help someone overcome their problems other Network marketer can be your target market as well.

Present State

Brutal Strategies- Making a list of everyone they know, cold calling realtors, spending $5000 on home business leads, chasing friends and family, doing home meetings where one is showing up, getting rejected on the phone all day long.

Low commissions- Anytime you talk to anyone in this industry you will hear about this problem Low Commissions from Large Downlines

Mentor- People don’t really have a mentor they don’t have a team that they can really work with. The sponsors, their upline is constantly jumping from deal to deal they’re selling one thing today another thing another day. They’re around inconsistency all the time.

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